What we offer?
GRAF S.p.A. offers a full range of services for the retooling of old CNG stations
  • Replacing dispensers
  • Transfer station for refueling 2-3 lines
  • Installation of additional compressors
  • Installation of systems of drying, cooling and gas purification
  • Providing of additional equipment on the customer’s special request
Ordinary maintenance
Extraordinary maintenance
Preventive maintenance

In order to meet the needs of each customer, Graf provides specialized technical assistance, spare parts and preventive maintenance programs through its international post-sales service.

Customer service is one of the key values ​​to grow in the international market so the staff works with each customer to provide effective solutions ensuring their business profitable, reliable and secure.

To ensure performance and continuously maintain its higher performance, Graf has designed preventive maintenance programs that fit each customer’s need.


Observe maintenance protocols defined by the manufacturer and get an official representative for repair, it is the most effective way to reduce risk, improve reliability and ensure better profitability of the station.

The advantages of hiring a preventive maintenance plan are:

  • Increasing the productivity of the station
  • To minimize unplanned downtime
  • Remove the necessary maintenance and inefficient activities
  • Focus resources where they are really needed
  • Fulfill safety and environmental
  • Plan investments and enhance the life of the plant

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring system is a device for controlling the operation of the compressors and dispensers from anywhere in the world. This is an ideal solution for the management of one or more stations with a greater control and to avoid unnecessary stops.

Currently the oil companies, gas distributors and private companies have with their stations of this technology: a solution for real-time information to help you make decisions that improve the profitability of their business.


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