GRAF regenerative type dryer series GRGDR is composed of two columns filled with molecular sieve and is completed with an automatic closed loop circuit regenerative system with no gas emission.

It is totally automatic and it is able to switch its work status without any intervention. The absorption phase is fulfilled with high-quality material that helps the gas to reach a dew point up to –80°C.



Inlet pressure 2÷6 bar / 6÷12 bar / 12÷20 bar
Capacity 1500/2500 sm³/h
Number of columns 2 columns (1 on work phase and 1 on regeneration phase)
Quantity of absorbing material 150 kg for each column
Grade of gas filtration Inlet filter 40 μ / Outlet filter 3 μ
Regeneration type Closed loop circuit completely automatic
Voltage 400 V 50 Hz
Consumed power 18 ÷ 28 kW depending on model
Length of regeneration phase 7 ÷ 9 h
Working temperature -10 ÷ 50°C
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